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    Earl Nash

    I was involved in the SFSU student strike in the late Sixties; it was the event that spurred the FBI to start my file. The concept of "Ethnic Studies" was, an is, founded on the assumption that we move closer to cooperation and away from adversarial roles, when we understand each others cultures and "walk a mile in their shoes."

    "Imagine all the people, living life in peace..."
    Earl Nash, Unrepentant Old Hippie

    Marlita H

    Thanks for the comment, Earl - you were one of the "big kids" when I was in school but that means your cohort was likely to be student teachers, etc. when I was little and had a great deal of influence on me. I still kind of laugh at having a high school senior lead us with her guitar and wearing flowers in her hair, singing Where Have All the Flowers Gone (early elementary school). All of it was a little puzzling to a child but it obviously taught me something - the era, not the song.

    No reason to repent for being an old hippie - I wouldn't be who I am if it weren't for old hippies.

    "'Cause he's an old hippie
    And he don't know what to do
    Should he hang on to the old
    Should he grab on to the new.

    He's and old hippie
    This new life is just a bust
    He ain't trying to change nobody
    He's just trying real hard to adjust." -- The Bellamy Brothers

    Marlita H

    Oh, and everybody go read Earl's blog - it's great! & :-)

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