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    Malissa Kullberg

    My friend categories tend toward the "People with whom I would be willing to be trapped in an elevator with badly frayed cable" and "People to whom I would willingly donate a kidney" (some overlap there), so I was impressed with the comparatively dispassionate discipline displayed in the creation of your categories. I, too, have struggled with the notion of social media "Friends." I remember experiencing mild panic when my FB friend count topped 100. Until I read your post, I hadn't thought about how I would categorize Tweeters, but overall your groupings make sense. There are those I follow due to shared passion, whether they be causes or interests; those I admire for their wit, wisdom or subject mastery, but wouldn't expect--or perhaps even want--to friend IRL. And there are those for whom I have developed great affection and a feeling of friendship, whether or not I have met them. Full disclosure: I am a real estate agent. While I was urged to join social media by my brokerage, I am no keener on "cold-calling" in that context than I am doing so IRL. Networking is core to my business, but works best for me when practiced in the spirit of "Love is the Killer Ap." Happily, social media vehicles provide ample opportunity for chain giving. And along the way, friendships develop: real & sturdy. Some of those are folks I wouldn't mind having in that special elevator.

    Marlita H

    Those are wonderful comments, Malissa. I like your trapped in an elevator analogy. I often find myself trapped in cocktail parties and it's kind of the same thing, especially if you don't know enough people to abruptly stop the conversation by needing to catch someone else. I also really love your "Love is a killer app" comment - very true.

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