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    While you are, strictly speaking, correct, as someone who is one of those Hispanic whites I need look no further than Arizona or Orange County, California to see people who are very hatefully, viciously convinced that Hispanics are not white

    Believe me, I run into people like this on a daily basis. Frankly, the faster they become a minority, the better for the country.

    Marlita H

    Thanks for your comment, AnnMaria. I realize there are people like that and I have seen that story regarding proposed legislation to deny citizenship to children of illegal aliens, even if they were born here. Leaving aside the complete unconstitutionality of it, it's obvious that supporters of such policies are full of anger and fear.

    I find it interesting that people have so much trouble with the concept of walking in another's shoes. If the very same people actually were a minority, they'd have no issue clamoring for special treatment but since it's not them and they have control, they call it reverse discrimination. I also suspect that much of the polling data that has so much support for SB1070 has a lot to do with the way questions are worded and the fact that people really don't think through the implications of these policies.

    It's going to take a lot of education before we get past this. Fortunately, it seems that a lot of the support for these racist policies come from older people and there's some hope that thins will turn around as young people get to the polls.

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