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    Maia Duerr

    Having worked in nonprofits for most of the last two decades, and having a bit of experience in the for-profit world, I can testify to the truth of this post. In fact, some times things are more frustrating in the nonprofit world because there often is a lack of awareness around basic best practices related to management, staffing, planning, etc.

    The bottom line is we are all human, as you say... and we all have something to learn from each other. The more we can cultivate an attitude of openness, receptivity, willingness to learn, humility, and patience with each other, the better off we'll be no matter what kind of setting we work in.

    Marlita H

    Thanks for the confirmation, Maia. It's funny, though, that you should mention the notion of best practices because that was also part of the original conversation - that it's common in the for-profit world to talk about the latest notions of process and practices but then not really follow them in order to meet a "death march" deadline (if you're not familiar with that term, look up Edward Yourdon on Amazon).

    As we agree again, I think comes down to human traits in management, no matter what sector. And, yes, I agree with you that we should cultivate humanity to address these issues. My frequent discomfort with the business world and people who consult to improve business is that the motivation seems to still be the bottom-line. Sanctimonious? Yes, I am. I would like to think, though, that rather than teaching business people that they should behave better to improve their images, we should be teaching them to be better people in general. The PR part should follow from that on instinct.

    Am I expecting too much of people? And can we change people or their motivations or am I wasting my typing?

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