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    Malissa Kullberg

    The core elements--setting time limits, using a reward and entraining the brain--seem sound and rich in potential. I like 90 minute intervals, but see the value of building a "sprint" muscle for times when all you have is 30 minutes. I wasn't keen on the directive to use an audible timer, though ("You need to be able to hear the ticking.") For me a ticking timer would be about as restful as the sound of wings in Hitchcock's The Birds. Good find, Marlita. Thanks for sharing.

    Marlita H

    Thanks, Malissa. I agree that a timer would be annoying but I think that nowadays he really means a reminder on the computer or iPhone.

    With regard to the time span, I would think that a personal preference. In my case, a lot of what I do is database work and reporting, which is very much like programming. Sometimes it's nice to stop at intervals and, depending on what the particular task is, that may require shorter intervals than, say, writing or reading an article. For me, a half an hour is usually suitable.

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